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This is my longest running company, founded in 2003, after a brief stint living in Silicon Valley. I wanted to create a company rooted in the Indigenous community that I grew up in.  We're a mid-sized digital agency serving Indigenous-focused organizations by maximizing their social impact through technology.  Animikii means "Thunderbird" in Ojibwe and is based on Coast Salish territory on Vancouver Island.

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Through delivering websites for Animikii clients, I saw a need for an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) so that they could update websites themselves. Today, YikeSite powers many websites and other web agencies have based their business on our white-label platform. In 2013, I sold half of this product and spun this out as a separate business from Animikii and is now headquarted in Guelph, Ontario. This site is a YikeSite :)

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ContentGems helps digital marketers find, curate and share engaging content. It is one of the leading "content curation" tools on the market and has thousands of users. As a co-founder in this business, I am responsible for branding, product design and collaborate with my 2 co-founders to set the strategy and roadmap for this product. ContentGems is headquarted out of the United States.

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